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Industry News for Kool Fit America Inc.

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National City, California 91950


A Topical Pain Spray Program That Works

Spray Program - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark KOOL 'N FIT announces its Patient Care Package. This combination allows the doctor to introduce the pain relief spray and its many uses to patients, causing many to purchase the product and enjoy its many uses.

The Patient Care Package contains the following:

Purchase twelve 4-oz bottles of KOOL 'N FIT Pain Relieving Spray and one half gallon bottle and the doctor receives the following for FREE:

100 sample packs in a dispenser box
100 brochures
A Counter display
One Treatment Room bottle
A Poster for their waiting room
Educational booklets

The above package allows the doctor to better educate the patient causing the patient to purchase KOOL 'N FIT for home use.

The doctor of Chiropractic can use KOOL 'N FIT in his treatment room and recommend that the patient purchase some for home use as well. With this complete package featuring a counter display, samples, brochures, etc, it makes it easy for the doctor retail the popular pain relieving spray. Everything comes in one package, is easy to assemble and all at a special price.

With the sample pack display, brochures and retail display all on the counter, patients will inquire about KOOL 'N FIT and use of the pain relieving spray at home.

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