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intraMAX 415 Now Available through Scrip Chiropractic Supply

IntraMAX 415 - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark (6-20-06) intraMAX™, 100% Organic, Carbon-bound, Liquid Nutrition can now be purchased from Scrip Chiropractic Supply for your convenience. The leading chiropractic supplier has carried the unique, potent liquid nutrition since June, 2006.

With Drucker Labs updating their technology from intraCELL™IV to intraCELL™V is has allowed this proprietary delivery system to make the carbon-encased nutrients even smaller than before, allowing faster absorption and improved efficacy. This smaller molecular size also allows the inclusion of many more nutrients in the organic intraCELL™ packets.

  • Ingredients increased from 265+ to 415+
  • Added multiple sources for several vitamins, providing a better balance of overall nutrients.
  • 71 trace minerals unchanged
  • Yeast, Parasite, and autoimmune matrix enhanced with 6 new ingredients
  • Inflammation, Pain, Weight Inhibiting matrix improved with 17 new ingredients, including 8 essential sugars.
  • Now loaded with super green foods and phytonutrition with 13 new vegetables
  • Super antioxidant with addition of 12 more fruits, guaranteed ORAC score of 1650+.
  • Added 38 essential oils

Visit www.druckerlabs.com or call 888-881-2344 or email info@druckerlabs.com. Or, if you are a customer of Scrip, you can purchase your intraMAX when you are ordering your other chiropractic supplies by calling 800-747-3488 or visiting www.scrip-inc.com.

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