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250 Corporate Blvd Suite 8
Newark, Delaware 19702

LiteCure® Medical Announces the Release of the LightForce® EXP: The Expert Therapy Laser

NEWARK, DE – August 19, 2014 – LiteCure® Medical announces the launch of the LightForce® EXP Deep Tissue Therapy Laser.

The LightForce EXP represents the most powerful laser in the LightForce product line.  Featuring 25 Watts of therapeutic power, the LightForce EXP offers maximum versatility for the therapy laser power user.

The EXP comes with the same Empower Delivery System and advanced Influence® Technology that the EX platform was known for.  The 25 Watts of power give practitioners the flexibility to treat larger areas and deep lying pain in an effective period of time. Dr. Brian Pryor, CEO of LiteCure, comments “We are committed to providing innovations in the field of laser therapy and welcome the EXP to our family.  Our focus is on providing dosing solutions that are founded in science – the EXP upholds this pledge and we are excited to launch this expert laser.”

The EXP, like all LightForce Therapy Lasers, takes the guesswork out of treatments with easy-to-set treatment protocols, and Influence Technology that custom tailors treatments for each patient. 


About LiteCure, LLC

LiteCure, LLC® is a Delaware based therapeutic laser manufacturer of the LightForce® Pro, LightForce EX, LightForce EXP, LCT-1000, Companion®, and Pegasus® Class 4 Deep Tissue Therapy Lasers.

LiteCure provides expertise in design, manufacturing, production, and support. LiteCure not only produces highly reliable products, but also offers the resources and tools to successfully incorporate laser technology and products into your practice.

LiteCure Medical is a leading medical device manufacturer combining the latest in advanced Class 4 laser technology, and bringing innovative solutions to modern health care practices.

LiteCure Medical is ISO13485 certified and continues its commitment to science, education, and the highest level of customer service.  LiteCure therapy lasers are FDA cleared for the treatment of pain and inflammation.  Fore more information visit http://www.LiteCure.com/Medical.

LiteCure, LLC
250 Corporate Blvd, Suite B
Newark, DE 19702

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