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ST. LOUIS, MO --- ChiroNutraceutical Releases CN-B12 Plus

ChiroNutraceutical is excited to announce the release of their newest nutritional product, CN-B12 Plus!

Designed For Chiropractors & Their Patients!

By using the latest research, CN-B12 Plus has been specifically formulated to address nerve health, nerve repair and myelin sheath regeneration.

One spray a day of CN-B12 Plus contains16,666% of the RDA for vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin, in addition to Vitamin B6, and Folic Acid.

When asked why ChiroNutraceutical chose methylcobalamin instead of the more tradional form of Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), they said: "We designed the CN-B12 Plus formula specifically for use in the chiropractic office setting.  Since methylocbalamin is the only active form of vitamin B12 found in the nervous system and has been subject to numerous scientific reviews and studies showing it's clinical effectiveness, it clearly became the natural choice."

ChiroNutraceutical also pointed out that by using a metered pump on the bottle, CN-B12 Plus is able to be taken in an ultra-convenient "1 Spray A Day" method, which helps to ensure accuracy in dosing.

For more information on CN-B12 Plus, or any of ChiroNutraceutical's other products, please visit www.ShopChiroThin.com or call 877-377-7636 and ask to speak with Frank.

ChiroNutraceutical is owned and operated by Chiropractors and their nutrional supplements are only available for purchase by licensed Doctors of Chiropractic!  They do not sell their products to retail outlets including health clubs, massage therapist, spa's, health food store, etc.

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