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Foot Levelers Introduces New Intracell® Technology

Foot Levelers is excited to offer The Stick® and The Foot Wheel®! The Stick® and The Foot Wheel® use Intracell® Technology, a technology developed by RPI of Atlanta used to target muscle management. This technology has been scientifically proven to extinguish trigger points and allow tight, contracted muscles to relax and recover. Intracell® Technology is successful therapy for sore, stressed, strained, tense, cramped, or tired muscles. Now your patients can perform trigger point therapy and myofascial release between visits!

"Because of its unique design qualities, the Intracell® Stick® can simultaneously release multiple lesions in minimal time with virtually no physical effort," said Dr. Brian Jensen, Assistant Director of Education for Foot Levelers. "The Stick®, and The Foot Wheel,® when used in the lower extremity and foot, assist in the Spinal Pelvic Stabilizer break-in period by increasing the compliance of the muscles as they adapt to the changes in the structure of the kinetic chain, reducing the incidence of foot pain and fatigue."

Tired feet can cause the muscles to shorten over time and develop trigger points. In order for the muscles to return to normal, they must relax and recover. Muscles that develop trigger points cannot relax until the trigger points are released. The Foot Wheel® has three center-balanced wheels designed to find and release trigger points in the feet with each roll. The Stick® can be used on any muscles throughout the body. By rolling The Stick® back-and-forth over tight, contracted muscles, trigger points will be released and muscles will be able to relax and recover. Your patients can soothe tired, aching muscles in seconds!

For more information about The Stick® and The Foot Wheel®, or other Foot Levelers' products or speakers/seminars, call toll free: 1-800-553-4860 (U.S.), 1-800-344-4860 (Canada), or visit us online at www.footlevelers.com.


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