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PerformTex Products, LLC introduces its line of PerformTex™ Tape and accessories into European Market

PerformTex Products - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Hatboro, PA May 18, 2012 – PerformTex Products, LLC the makers of the patented, twin grooved, adhesive technology line of kinesiology tapes is excited to announce its launch into Europe. PerformTex has successfully opened its European Headquarters based out of Milan, Italy (RHO).

"Europe has always been a strong market in the development and use of the ktaping techniques and products", says John Jarvis, Marketing Director for PerformTex Products, LLC. "We are excited about the launch, but even more excited about the response of the physio demographic in which we look to serve. We are offering an innovative, yet obtainable line of goods, something this market has sorely been missing", says Jarvis.

PerformTex Products - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Since its brief introduction into Europe, PerformTex has secured dealers, associations, committees and learning institutions throughout Europe, which include the countries of Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, and The Netherlands. "PerformTex decided to have its official launch during this weeks Exposanita Medical Expo (Europe's second largest medical expo with over 40K attendees) in Bologna, Italy, as it gives us a huge platform to properly introduce our team to our European counterparts, as well as to field any and all questions in this competitive market", states Jarvis.

To find out more about our European office, please visit our newly launched European site www.PerformTexEurope.eu.

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