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Why You Should Care About Prebiotics (Part 2)
In my last article [January
2018], I discussed the concept of prebiotics (also known as microfood, as a way to avoid the consumer confusion that can occur between the terms probiotic and prebiotic) and began exploring the literature supporting the health benefits of prebiotic soluble fiber.

Continuing the Conversation: Waist Circumference, Weight Loss & Food Choices
In part
one of this article, I discussed how the utilization of measuring a patient's waist circumference (WC) becomes a valuable anthropometric measurement to gauge health risk. Now  I'll discuss the clinical approach to reducing WC and implementation your practice.


Industry News for BioPosture LLC

218 E Park Ave #606
Long Beach, New York 11561


BioPosture™ Evolution Mattress Introduced at Professional Football Chiropractic Conference

April 27, 2012 – The Professional Football Chiropractic Society (PFCS) members recently gathered for the sixth annual Professional Football Chiropractic Continuing Education Seminar in Indianapolis, Indiana. Coaches, athletes, agents, medical doctors, chiropractors and athletic trainers from a number of professional football teams were in Indianapolis for the annual Professional Football Scouting Combine. While coaching, medical and training staffs of the professional teams were evaluating top players entering the draft, chiropractors were meeting separately to discuss how to better serve professional players. Sports chiropractors have a long history of providing health care to enhance the health and performance of professional football players and other athletes, professional, amateur and recreational.

There was an enthusiastic response at the conference from sport chiropractors when Tom Williams, President of BioPosture™, unveiled the new Evolution line of BioPosture mattresses and pillows. This new generation of BioPosture sleep products incorporate Celliant® fabrics that harness the human body’s natural energy. Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that fabrics utilizing this technology provide: enhanced tissue oxygen levels, reduced recovery time, improved athletic performance, and improved blood circulation. The PFCS chiropractors were shown how the Evolution mattress would benefit the athletes they treat; those suffering from pain and recovering from injuries. The fact that all chiropractic patients could realize these health benefits was explained during one-on-one presentations at the BioPosture exhibit booth.

Tom Williams - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Tom Williams, Sol Cogan, President PFCS, Team Chiropractor, Detroit Lions, and Bill Schindler, Director, The Hyperbaric Therapy Center, and former US Olympic wrestler Sol Cogan, president of the PFCS and the Team Chiropractor for the Detroit Lions since 2002 commented, "Tom Williams introduced our members to a new and revolutionary product line that sports chiropractors can recommend to athletes to help promote faster recovery from their injuries and to keep them healthier. BioPosture has been a loyal supporter of our efforts. We find the constant flow of information from exhibitors like BioPosture helps us better meet the health needs of our professional athlete patients and our other patients."

Celliant® technology, developed by Hologenix, utilizes a blend of minerals and proprietary ingredients that are embedded into the fibers BioPosture uses to cover their mattresses and pillows. Celliant® is patented in 12 countries, and its benefits have been validated in numerous historical clinical studies. Several more studies are under way or planned for 2012.

"Sports chiropractors at the meeting were impressed with the benefits of the Celliant® Technology that is utilized in the manufacturing of our new Evolution mattress and pillows. BioPosture seeks to be at the forefront in offering health care professionals products that can improve the quality of the lives of the athletes and other people they manage in their practices. Pain relief, faster recovery times, better sleeping patterns resulting from unmatched comfort and support, as well as a healthy sleep environment, are among the goals we strive to provide consumers through our growing product line," Tom Williams said.

BioPosture is the leading marketer of eco-friendly mattresses, pillows and related comfort products exclusively through Doctors of Chiropractic and related licensed healthcare professionals. BioPosture sleep systems are constructed with BioMemoryFoam™. The mattresses incorporate neutral posture support zoning to offer unmatched comfort and the best ergonomic spinal support during sleep. The pillows come in various sizes and shapes to provide the proper comfort and support for all sizes and shapes of sleepers. Both Hologenix LLC and BioPosture, Inc. are U.S. companies.

Tom Williams - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark
Tom Williams, BioPosture CEO with NFL Team Chiropractors

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