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DVD on Compliant Report of Findings that Work

DVD on Compliant Report of Findings - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Consultations, exams and compliant report of findings are the top crucial three procedures in any doctor's office. These areas are where many potential medico-legal problems arise and also often cause patients to not follow your advice.

This 30-plus minute DVD, by Practice Perfect Web (PPW), gives detailed, specific, time-tested systems that you and your staff can master. This DVD was professionally filmed and mastered at the end of a regular day at the PPW Chiropractic office - just like similar exams earlier that day. It illustrates how staff can become a significant asset in patient education, as well as transcription of data, follow-through and lots of "imbedded gems."

Starting with a consultation format that has brought Dr. Hayes phenomenal success for over 25 years, this DVD walks you through their Pre-Exam, done with the staffing systems and tools they teach. Next they review an EM Compliant exam on a patient with a suspected disc herniation. Finally, Hayes walks you through a report visit - done very quickly - showing you how to handle informed consent, patient responsibilities and terms of acceptance.

Whether you are just a student or a seasoned veteran, there is something here for every DC, or anybody else doing musculoskeletal care.

Like all Perfect Practice Web products, there is a full money-back guarantee.

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