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Foot Levelers and Pro-Solutions Alliance Announced at Symposium

Foot Levelers - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark A dynamic new pairing of Foot Levelers' technology with the Pro-Adjuster® System was announced at the Pro-Solutions Symposium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Foot Levelers' Associate™ digital scanner has been has been integrated into Pro-Adjuster equipment and protocols. In addition, a unique Spinal Pelvic Stabilizer called the Step-Adjuster™ has been specially developed for doctors who use the Pro-Adjuster System. At the Symposium, doctors were scanned with the Associate and offered complimentary custom-made Step-Adjuster Stabilizers as an introduction of the new alliance.

The Pro-Adjuster chair now incorporates an Associate digital scanner for postural screening. It uses weightbearing digital scanning to detect foot imbalance. The scan is instantly transmitted to the Foot Levelers laboratory, where the new Step-Adjuster Stabilizers are made. Like other Foot Levelers Stabilizers, the Step-Adjuster supports the three arches of the foot, stabilizes the spine and pelvis, and helps the adjustment hold. The Associate software operates on Pro-Solutions computers for patient reports, product selection, and order processing.

Pro-Solutions - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Kent S. Greenawalt, Foot Levelers President and CEO, addressed the Symposium on the interaction between foot structure, posture, and biomechanics. "We are proud that Foot Levelers has been made part of Pro-Adjuster protocols," said Kent S. Greenawalt. "And we look forward to providing custom-made support through the phenomenal system that Dr. Pisciottano has developed."

Dr. Maurice A. Pisciottano, founder of Pro-Solutions and developer of the Pro-Adjuster System, remarked on the new alliance: "The importance of postural support is key in chiropractic care. Using Foot Levelers with the Pro-Adjuster technique increases the certainty of results that doctors want for their patients and their practice."

For information on the Step-Adjuster Stabilizer, call Foot Levelers toll free 1-800-553-4860 (U.S), 1-800-344-4860 (Canada), 1800 800 963 (Australia) or visit us online at www.footlevelers.com. For information on the Pro-Adjuster System, visit www.pro-adjuster.com.

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