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Industry News for SpiderTech Inc.

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SpiderTech Launches in Japan - Nitto Denko Brings SpiderTech to Kinesiology Tape's Original Market

Nitto's SpiderTech Japan site - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Nitto Denko Corporation of Osaka, Japan, co-developers and manufacturers the world's original kinesiology tape, announced that they have launched a full range of SpiderTech Pre-Cut, Ready-to-Apply products within their home market, bringing SpiderTech's innovations back the market that launched this method of therapy over 20 years ago.

Nitto stated that as the major supplier of Kinesiology Tape products and solutions in Japan via their NITREAT product line, SpiderTech products and education offered a dramatically enhanced usability, delivering a viable and scientifically advanced therapy to health care professionals and athletes who see the traditional method of kinesiology tape use as difficult and inconsistent.

Nitto Denko and SpiderTech have already collaborated on transferring the SpiderTech Education program to the Japanese market, identifying and training practice leaders for the 2011 SpiderTech Japan Education program. Sales for SpiderTech in Japan are expected to reach 300 million yen in 2011.

"We're very pleased to add Japan to the growing list of Global Partners for SpiderTech," added Michael Greenberg, President of SpiderTech Inc. "It is particularly exciting to see our tape material provider, the leading global provider of kinesiology tape products, embrace SpiderTech as the product and therapeutic methodology to leverage further growth in their home market.

"To view Nitto Denko's press release, visit www.nitto.com/dpage/143.html. To review Nitto's SpiderTech Japan site, visit www.ntmed.co.jp/taping/products/spider/index.html.

About SpiderTech
SpiderTech is the developer and world leader in pre-cut and ready to apply kinesiology taping applications in a single piece. SpiderTech is committed to excellence and innovation in the management of pain and myofascial dysfunction through the use of specialized elastic tape applications. SpiderTech's focus is on the development and manufacturing of products and therapy protocols that meet the demands of today's health care clinician and therapist.

About Nitto Medical Corporation
Nitto Medical Corporation, one of Nitto Denko Group's major medical-related sales & marketing companies, optimally meets customers' needs with its extensive healthcare o‑erings, including a comprehensive variety of adhesive tapes for the medical and athletic fields, in addition to cultured ginseng products, all are designed to support people and assist with a more comfortable and healthy life. Learn more at www.ntmed.co.jp/english.

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