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518 Pocahontas Ave NE
Roanoke, Virginia 24012-5725


Foot Levelers' Shoethotics® Now Offer Upgrades in Orthotic Selection

Shoethotics - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark (Roanoke, VA) – Foot Levelers' custom Shoethotics® are now available with a choice of custom-made orthotic inserts. Using an easy-to-select chart, it has never been simpler to choose the type of support that is best for your patients. The categories of orthotics to choose include Basic, Good, Better, and Best. All categories are available in all four brands of Foot Levelers' custom footwear.

Allow your patients to select which orthotic is best for them, from the original SPS® through the most popular Extreme™ line of orthotics for the ultimate in comfort and support. Just select the shoe for your patient and then select one of these four levels of support:

  • Basic (SPS® orthotics)
  • Good (FirmFlex Plus® family of orthotics)
  • Better (Ultra® family of orthotics)
  • Best (Extreme™ and 5th Avenue families of orthotics)

Foot Levelers is the exclusive provider of custom-made Shoethotics and the wide variety of custom-made orthotics that can go in them. Call toll free: 1-800-553-4860 (from Canada: 1-800-344-4860), or visit us at www.footlevelers.com for more information.

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