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BioPharma Scientific New NanoMealG, All-In-One Daily Meal

Latest addition to "The SuperFood Solution™, Lifelong Wellness Made Easy"

June 15, 2010 (San Diego). BioPharma Scientific announced this month the launch of NanoMealG, All-In-One Daily Meal, the latest addition to their "The SuperFood Solution™" line of powdered drink mix functional food formulas.

nanomeal packet - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark New NanoMealG combines one serving each of NanoGreens10, NanOmega3 and NanoProPRP premixed in the convenience of an "all-in-one" travel packet.

New NanoMealG provides a great tasting, balanced meal of:

  • Lean Whey Protein
  • Excellent Sources of Fiber
  • 15 Vitamins and Minerals
  • Vegan Omega-3's, including DHA
  • And the Antioxidants of 10 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables

Balanced nutrition is foundational to lifelong energetic health. However, it is often difficult to eat as well as we know we should. NanoMealG makes getting balanced nutrition enjoyable and easy, while providing lean protein, good carbs, omega-3 fats, prebiotic fiber and all natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals we need every day.

NanoMealG, All-In-One Daily Meal is available through qualified health professionals only. BioPharma Scientific, whose slogan is "Better Taste ~ Better Science", provides free taste test samples upon request by calling 1-877-772-4362 or by email at www.superfoodsolution.com/free.

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