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Industry News for SpiderTech Inc.

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SpiderTech Launches Free Interactive Kinesiology Taping E-Learning Program

SpiderTech, the industry leader in pre-cut, ready-to-apply kinesiology tape applications, has announced the launch of its innovative and comprehensive interactive education program.

The SpiderTech E-Learning program is offered at no cost to anyone interested in learning how to integrate this form of therapy into clinical practice. It will provide the clinician and therapist with a solid foundation in the therapeutic efficacy of kinesiology taping:

  • A practical understanding of the neuroscience and physiology of pain and its effect on musculoskeletal function
  • How SpiderTech Applications affect the nervous system via sensory gating and neuromuscular plasticity
  • Instruction on how to apply SpiderTech Applications

"We're extremely excited to provide this program to all heath care providers," stated Dr. Nick Tsaggarelis, SpiderTech's director of education & research. "The release of this program allows a much larger percentage of clinicians and therapists to gain an immediate practical understanding of the value of Kinesiology Taping, and transfer the benefits of this form of therapy to their clinical practice in a short period of time."

The E-Learning program is an online program assembled as three distinct modules, allowing a health care provider to learn at their own pace. All the information reflects SpiderTech's "Evidence-Led and Scientifically-Based" approach to Kinesiology Taping Therapy, and is presented through a combination of detailed animated graphics, video presentations, and voice narration within an interactive interface.

The E-Learning program is a pre-requisite for The Clinically Based Level 1 SpiderTech Certificate Program. This one-day, hands-on training program provides eight continuing-education hours (CEUs) and approximately $200 USD worth of pre-cut kinesiology tape.

Access and registration to the E-Learning is immediately available through the SpiderTech Web training page, www.nucapmedical.com/e-learning.html, by clicking through the E-Learning registration process. Users will immediately be provided a User ID and Password via e-mail. Note that registration will be directly available through SpiderTech Distribution Partners within the next week.

For more information, contact the SpiderTech Education Team at training@spidertech.com.

Source: SpiderTech

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