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Biofreeze® introduces the new "Single Use Application Gravity Dispenser Package"

Biofreeze Single Use Application - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Performance Health, Inc. the makers of Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel, is proud to introduce the new "Single Use Application Gravity Dispenser" package. The new single dose dispensing system is perfect for clinical and training room use to easily dispense Biofreeze to patients and athletes for trial use and at home. Biofreeze helps provide a deeper, longer lasting relief from pain than most cooling gels. Biofreeze is effective to enhance therapy, relieve pain from arthritis, muscle strains and backaches. It also aids in reducing edema and myospasm. Apply generously for penetrating relief from pain and stiffness of muscles and joints. The cooling effect accelerates the rate of basic healing processes through relaxation of stiff and aching muscles. For more information and receive a no-charge trial package, please call (800) 246-3733 or email at health@biofreeze.com.

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