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Standard Process Introduces Prebiotic Inulin to Support a Healthy Gut

Our gut is home to different types of bacteria, many of which live in harmony with us. Maintaining a balance of helpful bacteria within the gut is important for the health of several body functions. To help provide a favorable environment for friendly microbes to thrive, Standard Process Inc.® proudly introduces its newest product, Prebiotic Inulin.

Prebiotics are food (carbohydrates) that help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal environment by feeding the good bacteria of the gut. They promote the growth of native flora and other friendly intestinal microflora, which strengthens the mucosal barrier of the gut.

Prebiotic Inulin provides an excellent source of fiber, combining inulin (from chicory root), calcium, and magnesium. This unique combination encourages the absorption of these minerals, which are necessary to sustain healthy cells and bones. Prebiotic Inulin also supports immune function by maintaining a healthy gut.

Formulated by whole-food supplement manufacturer Standard Process, Prebiotic Inulin can be used alone or added to any of the Standard Process powdered supplements to make a wholesome shake that provides additional fiber and minerals, and supports gut health. For more on the nutritional benefits of Prebiotic Inulin, visit www.standardprocess.com.

Source: Standard Process Inc.

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