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Safely expedite rehab time-frame for post-mastectomy patients

Minneapolis, MN - OPTP exclusive! The UE Ranger is a unique motion assistance device designed to gently increase ROM and complement the natural movement patterns of the Upper Extremity (UE). Consisting of a molded plastic bilateral hand support and strap, telescoping tube, detachable base, and articulating joints - this tool is ideal for all hand sizes and arm lengths. Also available is a wall mount to use in conjunction with the UE Ranger for additional therapeutic exercises (proprioception, strengthening).

How is the UE Ranger unique and beneficial for chemotherapy and post-mastectomy patients?

  • Safe and relaxed PAROM will not put stress on stitches.
  • By allowing motion exercises early in the rehab process, the UE Ranger reduces the risk of developing adhesive capsulitis and facilitates the reduction of pain and swelling due to lymph edema.
  • Optimal patient positioning for therapist to perform myofascial release over axilla, pectorals, and lats.

The UE Ranger is also ideal for:

  • Rehabilitation of a wide range of UE pathological presentations.
  • Closed and open chain activity in all planes.
  • Functional neuromuscular retraining.

"Finally, a truly well thought out assistance device that keeps the best interest of both patient and therapist in mind." - Valerie Phelps, PT, OCS, FAAOMPT, Director of IAOM-US.

For more information or a free OPTP catalog visit us online at www.optp.com or call toll-free at (800) 367-7393.


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