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OPTP AXIS™ Rollers

Paramount Quality

Exclusively from OPTP, AXIS™ foam rollers are cylindrical in shape, lightweight, and made of high quality foam for lasting durability. Several sizes are available. One-foot length is available in 6" round and half-round. The popular three-foot length is available in 6" round and half-round. Foam rollers can also be used for self-massage, balance and core stability exercises. The cylindrical shape is inherently unstable which actively engages your mind in order to stay on the roller.

The Ultimate Roller for Average to Intense Users

Geared for moderate to heavy users, the exclusive OPTP AXIS™ gives all the benefits of traditional rollers without breaking down. The AXIS', black, injection-molded foam technology is firm in density, has a smooth surface, and will not lose its shape after moderate to heavy use. Fitness and rehab professionals will love the durability and lasting power of this roller.

Ideal for Proprioceptive and Stability Training

Foam rollers are especially helpful in proprioceptive training. The cylindrical shape is inherently unstable which challenges proprioception on two planes. Foam roller exercises enhance proprioception by forcing one to become more conscious of their sensory motor skills. Proprioception with foam rollers can be used for rehabilitation or to increase athleticism.


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