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Lightweight and Durable

Foam rollers are attractive to athletes and patients engaging in rehabilitation exercises. These high quality foam rollers can be used for:

  • Self-Massage
  • Balance
  • Core Stability

The HALF PRO-ROLLER™ can be used for myofascial release, muscular flexibility, and dynamic strengthening. Roller exercises enhance balance reactions, body awareness, and muscle re-education.

Helpful in Proprioceptive Training.

The half-cylindrical shape is inherently unstable which challenges proprioception on two planes. Foam roller exercises enhance proprioception by forcing one to become more conscious of their sensory motor skills. Proprioception with foam rollers can be used for rehabilitation or to increase athleticism.

Doesn't Breakdown

The OPTP PRO-ROLLER's™ closed-cell and heat sealed engineering ensure that the roller won't breakdown after repeated use. The closed-cell construction keeps germs on the surface where they can be easily wiped off. This new foam roller is engineered for fitness and therapy professionals, and practitioners. It is also ideal for physical therapists, chiropractors, and trainers.

A half-cylindrical form measuring about 36" long x 3" high. OPTP's HALF PRO-ROLLER™ comes in an attractive teal and white 'wave' color.

Unique Properties

Greater proprioception benefits

The high quality foam in the OPTP HALF PRO-ROLLER™ features a slightly textured surface that provides greater proprioceptive benefits, reduces slipping, and enhances exercise effectiveness.


The density of the closed-cell foam provides firm support with a cushion surface. When lying on the HALF PRO-ROLLER™ its surface feels more comfortable than the 'hard', white foam rollers. The textured 'waffle' design reduces slipping especially when doing balancing skills.

Easier to use

The new half pro-roller makes these rehabilitation exercises easier for beginners to grasp. The flat side allows for a gain of stability due to increased surface contact with the floor. As user progresses the half roller can be used 'flat side' up to increase the challenge.


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