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Foot Levelers' Step-By-Step Audio Goes Digital

Digital Foot Levelers - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Foot Levelers, Inc. announces its conversion of the popular Congratulations for Choosing Chiropractic cassette is now available on CD. The CD is an exciting patient education tool for introducing patients to chiropractic care and for explaining the importance of using orthotics to maintain spinal alignment, enhancing that care. The 10-minute audio script conveys the importance of structural stability — and provides actual patient testimonies for their chiropractor's care.

This CD is a part of Foot Levelers' new Step-by-Step Success Practice Building Kit. The kit, which retails for $49, contains:

  • A table top display with sample orthotics and shoes

  • Patient education product booklets

  • The "Better Body Library" patient education brochure series

  • A patient targeted educational video

  • Practice building video, In Step with Your Practice

  • An easy-to-use marketing CD ROM with customizable Yellow Page® or newspaper ads

The kit still includes the audiocassette. An additional group of 5 audio CDs may be ordered separately for only $25.

"Some people learn best by seeing, some by hearing, others by hands-on experience," says Foot Levelers President and CEO Kent Greenawalt. "We want to give health care practitioners the most appropriate learning tools for their patients."

For over 50 years, Foot Levelers has been the leading provider of custom-made orthotics and the exclusive provider of Spinal / Pelvic Stabilizer® and other proprietary orthotic technologies. For more information, call 1-800-553-4860 (from Canada: 1-800-344-4860), or visit our website at www.footlevelers.com.

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