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The Next Core Challenge DVD Package

Inflatable Roller Workout!

Michelle Schwahn, PT, is your host for a comprehensive look at core training using the inflatable FitBALL® Roller. This new DVD program offers complete education and exercise demonstration, for greater stability, body strength, balance and flexibility using progressive exercises.

Core Stabilization Training for Beginner to Elite

Core stabilization training using dynamic surfaces recruits proprioceptive, kinesthetic and balance systems. This integrated neuromuscular approach is the most functional way to exercise because it is how our bodies function in life! The newest dynamic surface, the inflatable FitBALL® Roller, is used to combine core stabilization, total body strength, and balance challenges. Michelle Schwahn, PT, explains the FitBALL® Roller's unique properties and challenges by comparing it to Stability Balls and Foam Rollers.

Exercises are presented in brief segments, forming a system that is practical and effective. Muscle areas include trunk, gluteals, hamstring, shoulder girdle and legs, providing a full body workout for beginner to advanced fitness levels. The DVD Workout is approximately 45 minutes with 13 minutes of illustrated core education.

The FitBALL® Roller combines the best of exercise balls and rollers into one dynamic inflatable fitness roll for the entire body.

The size and shape optimize exercises that strengthen and tone the abs, obliques and core muscle groups, while improving stability, balance and flexibility.

Core Education & Training

In the 13 minute educational section, Michelle Schwahn, PT, uses animated diagrams to show the proper contraction of the deep core muscles, explaining both anatomy and function.

"In a healthy spine there is activation of deep core muscles in stabilization of the trunk before the body moves. This interaction between the deep core muscles and the Nervous System plays a role in the proprioceptive feedback sent to the brain as we perform activities." - Michelle Schwahn, PT


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