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Therapeutic Yoga

OPTP is pleased to offer a unique yoga book combining the science of physical therapy and yoga. Therapeutic Yoga, by Karen Church, is a workbook that promotes optimal alignment and movement retraining by utilizing exercises designed for postural strength, endurance, flexibility and balance to accelerate recovery from injury or surgery, prevent re-injury and enhance activities of daily living.

Therapeutic Yoga is divided into four fundamental components. Section I, Self Care provides a holistic approach for designing a personal rehabilitation program including the steps to take immediately upon incurring an injury. Section II, Posture and Movement introduces sitting and standing postures, the hip hinge and the walking and running gait. Section III, Therapeutic Yoga Exercises corrects muscular imbalances essential for optimal alignment. Section IV, Resources contains beneficial contact information for further reading, optional equipment and practitioners.

OPTP is a leader in providing quality products and publications for stretching and core stabilization such as the Stretch Out Strap, Swiss balls and foam rollers. For more information and a free catalog, call OPTP toll-free at 1-800-367-7393, or write to PO Box 47009, Minneapolis, MN 55447. Visit our web site at www.optp.com.


About the Author: Karen Church graduated with a B.A. in Physical and Health Education with a minor in Sport Psychology from Queens University. She studied Human Movement in 1985 at Carnegie College in Leeds, England. She has extensive post-graduate training in functional manual therapy and movement reeducation. Her interests in alignment and muscle balance led to studying yoga. In 1998, she began studying with John Friend, the founder of Anusara Yoga and innovator of its system of Universal Principles of Alignment.

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