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Meditrac's "Traction on the Move"

Meditrac, a provider of innovative, non-invasive, medical devices for rehabilitation, physiotherapy and home-care use, has launched a new concept that revolutionizes the effectiveness and profitability of treatment for Neck and Back pain.

Disc disorders are accompanied by muscle spasms and a reduced transfer of fluid. Traction is known to decrease intra-discal pressure on the nerve root and dural sac. Research has shown that fluid exchange is essential for the normal biomechanics of the discs and is possible only when the spine is in motion. Meditrac's "Traction on the Move" concept is based on combining motion with traction thereby simultaneously decreasing pressure, enabling fluid exchange, improving Range of Motion and thus promoting recovery.

Meditrac's "Traction on the Move" concept, based solely on Meditrac's patented products, promotes healing with unique, wearable Cervical and Lumbar traction devices used in conjunction with a dynamic rehabilitation program based on physical activity throughout the traction treatment.

Meditrac's concept allows you to offer your patients the benefits of 3-D ambulatory traction, which is customizable according to each patient's specific medical diagnosis and performed in conjunction with active exercise, which enhances circulation, muscle strength and joint flexibility as an integral part of the treatment protocol.

Meditrac's products are compact, customizable and cost-effective and can help you provide a valuable service to your patients while growing your practice and your profit. So why spend a fortune on those enormous expensive traction units when you can better results at a fraction of the cost!

For more information, please visit: www.meditrac.co.il
Or call Toll-Free(USA) :1-866-732-0170


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