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MEDITRAC - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Meditrac Ltd. gives you so much for so little, with innovative devices that upgrade the traditional concept of traction. Their simplicity and ease of use, combined with their low cost and excellent performance, provides you, your patients, your clinic and third party reimbursements with enormous added value.

Meditrac's products can help you provide a valuable service to your patients while growing your practice and your profits. So, why spend a fortune on those enormous expensive traction units when you can get better results at a fraction of the cost?

The Vertetrac® is a lumbar traction device that performs active physical therapy for Lower Back Pain and Sciatica. The Vertetrac is portable, user-friendly and carries out three-dimensional traction - a feature not offered by other traction devices while allowing the patient freedom to move and perform light rehabilitative activity. The patient may walk and is also encouraged to perform active exercise, which works wonders!

CerviCo 2000® has been developed specifically as a dynamic traction unit for the cervical spine. The unit applies powerful yet controlled symmetrical or asymmetrical traction and can apply adjustable horizontal pressure if required. The CerviCo 2000 is compact, portable and allows the patient freedom to move and to perform active rehabilitation procedures during treatment. It is also designed to perform low-load (unloading) traction in the upright, seated, natural spinal position.

For more information please contact Meditrac Toll-Free in USA: 866-732-0170.

Website: www.meditrac.co.il


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