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53 Pinkas St
Tel Aviv, 62261


Meditrac Ltd. is a manufacturer of innovative portable traction devices

MEDITRAC traction devices - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Meditrac Ltd. is a manufacturer of innovative portable traction devices which upgrade the traditional concept of traction for chiropractors clinics, physiotherapy and home care use.

As a chiropractor and provider of therapeutic services you can provide a valuable service to your patients while building your practice and and increasing profits. Both of these benefits can be realized with Meditrac. The simplicity and ease of use, combined with low cost and low maintenance, provide tremendous value to you, your patients and your practice.

The CerviCo 2000 has been developed specifically to provide dynamic traction for the cervical spine. The unit applies powerful yet controlled symmetrical or asymmetrical traction. The CerviCo 2000 is compact, portable, robust and easy to use. It allows and encourages the patient to move freely and be active while undergoing the rehabilatation process

The Vertetrac® is a lumbar traction device that offers active physical therapy for lower back pain and sciatica in 30 minute treatments given once a day. The device is portable and simple to use while providing the benefits of three-dimensional traction: a feature not offered by other traction devices! The Vertetrac® is extremely cost effective both for you, the professional practitioner, and the patient as well as for other third party reimbursers.

The Vertetrac produces simultaneous horizontal and vertical traction forces, which increases the intradiscal space.

The Vertetrac is excellent for treatment in with other treatments and it can be used during treadmill session.

Visit our website: www.meditrac.co.il
or contact us directly by e-mail: meditrac@netvision.net.il
or call toll free 1-866-732-0170

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