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"Winning Protocols Used At The Tour de France"

by Jeffrey Spencer, MA, DC, CCSP

For the last four years I've been the chiropractor for Lance Armstrong and the United States Postal Service Professional Cycling Team. My work has been based around their quest to win the worlds most difficult sporting event: the Tour de France. Lance has won all four Tours he has contested since returning from his life threatening battle with testicular cancer. My clinical outcomes for the team are to optimize their daily performances, prevent overuse injuries, minimize traumatic injury downtime and promote maximum recovery from each days stage. To accomplish my goals requires an accurate and time efficient evaluation and treatment system. Each rider is assessed from head to toe daily. The ultimate goal is to find hidden performance sabotaging phenomenon in the body before breakdown and symptoms occur. Correction procedures must work the first time with 100% predictability. The modalities I use must be light, portable with short treatment times and produce superior results. My evaluation procedures include manual and muscle testing for joint dysfunction, proprioceptive loss, muscle tightness and inhibition weakness. Treatment protocols include Kinesio Taping, PFS stretching, joint mobilization and the Erchonia cold laser. Kinesio Taping is used to prevent and support strained muscles, decrease nocioception and promote lymphatic drainage. The Erchonia cold laser is used to promote optimal neuromuscular function, reduce inflammation and pain, stimulate soft tissue repair and accelerate body recovery. The techniques I use at the Tour de France are taught in my hands-on seminar "Winning Protocols Used At The Tour de France."

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