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1600 Capital Ave. Suite 100
Plano, Texas 75074


New Children's Nutritional Supplement Now in Travel Size

Travel Size Kids Supplement - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark PLANO, TX intraKID™, from Drucker Labs, is the new, most comprehensive nutritional supplement available for children. This formula utilizes Drucker Labs's proprietary intraCELL™ V technology and a perfectly balanced set of nutrients for the needs of our younger patients.

And now intraKID™ comes in 2 oz, travel size bottles. Now your patients' children can enjoy the all-organic, all-in-one liquid nutrition outside of the house. Due to the unique qualities and processing of intraKID™ (carbon-bond organic, cold processed), you have to refrigerate the bottle after opening it, making it difficult to travel with. But with the new two ounce bottles, your patients can now take their intraKID™ on the road.

Containing trace minerals, vitamins and other nutrients into a potent, great-tasting raspberry formula, intraKID™ supports a number of health concerns for children, including: Solid Nutritional Foundation, Neuro-Cognitive Brain Function, Digestion, Focus and Concentration, Mood Regulation, Short and Long Term Memory, Sleep and Wake Cycle, Immune System Response, Sugar Control, Respiratory Support, Growth and Development.

What makes intraKID™ Unique? A serious review of what is available for children's supplements today reveals some startling problems. Much of what is available is synthetic, contains preservatives and large amounts of sugar. What they don't contain are adequate amounts of nutrients. KID contains: 215+ Nutrients! (most on the market contain less than 30!), 100% Carbon-bond Organic Microcomplexed™, Proven intraCELL™ V Technology, All Natural, Low Glycemic, No Synthetics, No Preservatives, No Additives, Hypoallergenic, Vegetarian, Fresh Raspberry Taste

intraKID™ contains NO additives, NO caffeine, NO gluten, NO wheat, NO dairy, NO corn, NO yeast, NO soy, NO animal products.

Drucker Labs, located in Plano, Texas, manufactures and distributes nutritional supplements using innovative technology. intraCELL™ V technology, the platform for all products, provides a delivery mechanism that is a near match to human cellular makeup. intraCELL™ V technology wraps all nutrients in organic carbon and then explodes them into extremely small particles. This makes the possible to provide the best all-natural, carbon-bond organic liquid nutritional supplements available. Drucker Labs provides their intra line of products exclusively through licensed health care providers.

You can discover more about Drucker Labs and intraKID™ at www.druckerlabs.com or call them at 888-881-2344.

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