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Industry News for Drucker Labs

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Drucker Labs Announces Improved Packaging and Reduced Shipping Costs.

Drucker Labs, the leader in Carbon-Based, liquid, organic nutrition, announces the release of intraMAX and other 32 oz products with improved induction seals. The easy-peel seals remove quickly and cleanly and eliminate leaking or spillage from opened containers. Previous to now, the lids on intraMAX were difficult to remove completely, which could cause inconsistent pouring.

Additionally, due to rapidly increasing package volume, shipping costs are reduced when purchasing from the online store. Visit www.druckerlabs.com to register and purchase products or call 888-881-2344.

What is intraMAX™?

intraMAX™ is a 100% organic liquid microcomplexed™ trace mineral supplement, plus an all-in-one multivitamin and much more. It contains 70+ trace minerals along with other health promoting “super foods” which totals more than 415+ essential organic microcomplexed™ nutrients in each bottle.

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