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518 Pocahontas Ave NE
Roanoke, Virginia 24012-5725


Support Your Patients Completely with the A-S-R Concept

Roanoke, VA – Foot Levelers believes in whole body care, which is why we developed the Adjust-Support-Rehab (A-S-R) program. A-S-R can make the difference between a successful care program and a recurring pain or injury. It starts with the care you provide patients – your adjustments are the key!

  • ADJUSTMENTS given to the patients are determined by you as their chiropractor. Your care is the basis of the entire A-S-R concept!
  • SUPPORT is provided by Foot Levelers with custom-made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers, which are custom-made orthotics that support all three arches of the foot. Stabilizers help align the feet, ankles, knees, and hips to provide a balanced foundation for the body. Stabilizers also help make adjustments more effective, helping your patients feel better, longer.

Since patients spend nearly one-third of their lives sleeping, cervical support pillows are also an important part of the support element in A-S-R. Make sure your patients have the comfort and postural alignment their bodies need with proper support from head to toe.

  • REHABILITATION helps your patients get stronger and recover faster. Foot Levelers offers a wide variety of rehab tools to ensure you have everything you need, including NECKSYS® (for cervical rehab), BACKSYS® (for back rehab) or Thera-Ciser™ (for extremities rehab).

For more information about any of Foot Levelers’ products, please call us at 1.800.553.4860 (USA) or 1.800.344.4860 (CAN) or visit us online at FootLevelers.com.

Foot Levelers, Inc. is the world’s exclusive provider of custom-made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers and other therapeutic products that have served the healthcare profession for more than 55 years. Foot Levelers’ products have helped millions of people enjoy fuller and happier lives at work, home, or at play.

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