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GW Heel Lift Inc. GW Heel Lift Inc.
PO Box 213
Cuba, Missouri 65453-0213
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The sprained ankle orthosis (SAO) provides the common ATF inversion ankle sprain time to heal while the patient remains ambulatory. The SAO is a heel cup with an extended lateral 15 degree wedge meant to be worn in sport and street shoes to prevent inversion of the ankle while walking or jogging. The firm plastic cup is designed to stabilize the calcaneus and to support the peroneal tendons.

Patients with pronated (flat) feet may want to limit the amount of time the orthosis is worn to prevent over pronation.

Men's: small (6-7) medium (8-10) large (11-15)

Women's: small (4-6) medium (7-9) large (10- 12)

Please signify right or left when ordering.

$14.95 each







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