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Therapeutica Canada ULC Therapeutica Canada ULC
40 Dynamic Drive Unit 3
Toronto, Ontario M1V 2W2
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A proper back or vehicle support should be more than just simple comfortable. It is critical that the key spinal regions of the back are properly supported. Therapeutica's supports were designed to look and function exactly like the 3 regions of the spine. The back and auto supports do more than just fill in space with a piece of foam: they provide a thoraco-lumbar lift, in essence, lifting the patient vertically into a proper seating position whether in a chair or a car or truck seat.

The difference between the back and auto support is that the auto extends up to the head, thus cushioning a person from the bumps of the road. This is especially important for people with sore necks and backs, and to prevent whiplash. The supports are available in 3 sizes for persons with different heights, and they are also available with a height adjuster for further custom fitting. 5 year warranty.







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