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China Gel China Gel
501 W. Golf Road
Arlington Hts, Illinois 60005
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Developed and clinically tested by a chiropractor, China-Gel is a topical pain reliever used by chiropractors to improve the effectiveness of their ultrasound treatments and post-treatment care. Unlike other greasy, unspreadable, or Jello-like topicals, China-Gel was developed to resemble a fine hand cream that spreads on evenly and then absorbs completely into the skin. China-Gel can be used as a transmission gel with ultrasound treatments without mixing it with neutral gels or lotions. Using China-Gel with ultrasound or massage will help to stimulate circulation, initiate the pain relieving endorphin response, and eliminate lactic acid (or "P factor") in muscles tissue. This allows the muscle to relax, thereby lessening pain, discomfort, and enhancing healing by utilizing the body's natural methods of pain relief. China-Gel will not stain or need to be wiped off. It has a pleasant lavender fragrance on application that ultimately becomes odorless as the gel absorbs.







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