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The Clinical Compass® On the Move with Performance Health!

The Clinical Compass®/CCGPP has an exciting new special announcement. Allow us to introduce you to our newest corporate partner, Performance Health – maker of Thera-Band® and Biofreeze® products. Performance Health and its CEO, Marshall Dahneke, recently committed resources to support CCGPP and its mission "to promote, protect, and support chiropractic's evolving relationship between the patient, the provider and evidence-based research."

"The work of CCGPP is critical to establishing chiropractic as the leader for spinal manipulation. It will allow doctors of chiropractic to translate evidence into clinical practice and grow strong and healthy practices," explains Dahneke. "In fact, we feel it is so important that Performance Health has put together an incentive package that will help doctors of chiropractic increase their bottom lines while supporting the important work of CCGPP."

Any doctor who donates $1,000 to CCGPP (that's just $84 a month for 12 months) will receive a 43% discount on the Thera-Band® Rehab  Wellness Station. That's a savings of almost $750. Those who purchase the station will also receive two free boxes of Thera-Band Professional Resistance Bands in Red and Green (the most often used rehab colors) packaged individually for reselling to patients. This can provide your office with up to $300 in revenue (15 bands in each box, resale price of up to $10 per band). What this means is that a doctor who participates in the program immediately recoups his/her $1,000 investment in CCGPP and begins increasing the bottom line of his/her practice as soon as the first patient uses the Thera-Band® Rehab  Wellness Station.

According to CCGPP Chairman Dr. Tom Augat, "In a modern day health care world where ‘Evidence-Based Medicine', ‘Medical Necessity' and ‘Guidelines' are the buzzwords and framework within which doctors of chiropractic must practice, CCGPP provides the tools and the scientific validation these doctors need to provide optimal care and outcomes for their patients and to overturn insurers' unreasonable denials. Certainly, funding is the critical element to carry out this work for the profession. Partnering with a company like Performance Health is a perfect synergy since both of our organizations promote the best in evidence based care through education and research. The entire chiropractic profession is fortunate to have companies like Performance Health supporting our continued growth and development."

We wish to thank Marshall Dahneke and Performance Health for their generous support and encourage individual doctors within the profession to visit and use the online donation form to take the next step in enhancing patient care and increasing practice revenues by making a contribution to The Clinical Compass®/CCGPP.

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