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King Bio SafeCare®RX Aller-Detox Formulas

King Bio SafeCare®RX Aller-Detox Formulas work to correct 80-85% of allergy-type symptoms that affect over 35 million Americans. Allergies and toxicity can be responsible for a wide variety of symptoms beyond sneezing and watery or itchy eyes, including depression, fatigue, intestinal difficulties, headaches, and more. Homeopathy works to uniquely detoxify the body by specifically targeting the toxin to pull it from the body. Homeopathy also balances immune responses such as strengthening the immune response to stop the toxins from entering the body.

In addition to the Regional Allergy Formulas, King Bio® has Aller-Detox Formulas for allergic symptoms such as Aller-Detox: Cosmetics & Household,™ as well as Aller-Detox products for caffeine, outdoor (and indoor) pollution control, food additives and preservatives, pesticides and herbicides, and water chemicals. There are also a variety of detox formulas including ICV Clenz,™ Acid Clenz,™ Blood & Kidney Detox,™ Chemo-Clenz,™ Liver Detox,™ Lymph Detox,™ Total Body Detox,™ and Heavy Metal Detox.™

All King Bio® formulas are in a Bio-Energetically Enhanced™ pure water base, and are taste-free, stain-free, and odor-free. All remedies can be applied orally, topically, or olfactory.

For more information, call King Bio at 800-543-3245, e-mail requests to or visit

Source: King Bio

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