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Integrate Yourself With Mainstream Medicine
November, 2010
Chiropractors might ask me why I have any interest in the integrative medicine movement. The answer is simply to improve patient access to chiropractic services. Early in my career as a chiropractic physician, one of my patients asked me a question I never forgot.

How to Successfully Implement Nutrition in Your Chiropractic Practice
November, 2010
Recent statistics state that approximately 80 percent of all Americans take some form of nutritional supplement. Other data suggest that the majority of these vitamin takers know little about the products they take or why all nutritional products are not created equal.

New Orthotics: A Little at a Time
November, 2010
I just returned from an orthodontic visit with my daughter. She is my fourth and final child who requires braces. I feel sorry for her, as I did for the rest of my children when they were in this early stage of correction.

Helping Your Patients Rest Assured With a New Pillow
November, 2010
In our current environment, where life seems to rush along at an increasingly fast pace, the value of proper sleep habits seems to diminish at the same speed. We start our day with too much caffeine and end it with too little sleep.

From Understanding to Influence: Getting Inside a Patient's Head
October, 2010
We often imagine that our jobs would be easier and our practices more successful if only we knew what our patients were thinking. What's the real reason underlying their resistance to committing to a full course of care?

It IS Easy Being Green
October, 2010
Let's be honest. The odds are pretty good that only a very small number of your patients (if any at all) are actually getting in their full required number of servings of fruits and vegetables.

Introducing Acupuncture Into a Chiropractic Practice
October, 2010
Incorporating acupuncture into a pre-existing chiropractic practice is both easy and profitable. This is especially true today as the field of acupuncture is rapidly gaining acceptance as an adjunct to many Western medical protocols.

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