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Helping Our Patients Get the Nutrition They Need
June, 2011
Almost everyone suffers from nutritional deficiencies. Our food supply just doesn't seem to fulfill our nutritional needs these days.

First Impressions of Your Office
May, 2011
Thousands of chiropractors around the globe have found the secrets to using their office environment as a machine to attract new patients, better educate them toward a healthy, chiropractic-centered lifestyle, reduce wasted overhead and increase profitability.

Corrective Exercise: Bridging the Gap Between Rehab and Fitness
May, 2011
Chiropractic is not simply about pain relief, adjusting subluxations and restoring spinal health. Your obligation as a frontline health care professional is to educate, teach, mentor and transition your patients to an all-inclusive healthy lifestyle.

When and Why Chiropractors Should Drop an Insurance Company
May, 2011
Some time ago, I wrote an article titled, "How to Decide to Drop an Insurance Company" (Dynamic Chiropractic, June 3, 2009, Vol. 27, Issue 12) that detailed the steps you need to take to remove yourself from being a provider for a particular insurance plan.

The Therapeutic Taping Method: Genuine Value-Added Therapy
May, 2011
Elastic therapeutic taping was developed by Kenzo Kase, DC, in Japan for use with his own patients. From the very beginning, elastic therapeutic tape was designed to work in concert with chiropractic care.

ERISA: What Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know
May, 2011
If you do not know what ERISA stands for, then you are probably not aware that it is directly related to your ability to get paid for services you provide in a timely manner.

How to Create a Successful Contract With an Associate
May, 2011
In this issue, we asked: "What are the key elements of a successful contractual agreement with an associate, and how should income and patient responsibilities be allocated?"

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