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Weighing In on Your Patient's Health Issues
September, 2010
In this issue we asked: "When working with patients who have weight problems, how do you make them aware of their need to lose weight (measurements, tests, etc.) and what do you recommend regarding their nutrition, diet, exercise, etc. and how have these been effective?"

Keeping Patients Active With Rehab and Exercise Products
September, 2010
According to a recent online survey, almost all doctors of chiropractic utilize active rehab and therapeutic exercise products for their patients. This is echoed by the most recent survey  conducted by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, which found that 96 percent of doctors utilize "corrective or therapeutic exercise procedures" in their clinic.

Marketshare and Mindshare Marketing, Part 2
September, 2010

If you desire to grow your practice and enjoy predictable results, you need both marketshare and mindshare. Marketshare is about attracting prospects to the office and then converting them a new patient.

Billing for Custom-Made Orthotics
September, 2010
Adding custom-made orthotics to your practice can not only be another revenue stream for you, but it will also give more benefit to your current patients and may even bring in some new ones.

Shake Things Up With Vibration Exercise
September, 2010
Chiropractors are becoming more aware of vibration exercise therapy. There is significant amount of research coming out regarding this technology. Benefits include such things as strength gains with minimal impact to the joints, increased flexibility, positive effects on bone and circulation and pain reduction.

Electrotherapy: A Bright Idea For Your Practice
September, 2010
This month, Dynamic Chiropractic PracticeINSIGHTS looks at electrotherapy and went to Jennifer Rohl of Mettler Electronics, located in Anaheim, Calif., and John Hubacher with Pantheon Research to find out how DCs can light up their practice with electrotherapy.

Volunteerism's Rewards
August, 2010
You, as a chiropractor, are blessed with divine hands. Your town, community and the world at large need your loving service. When you think of volunteering, your ultimate goal should be to benefit others.

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