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Epigenetics, Emotions and Healing
February, 2011

Have you ever heard someone say "I'm sick and tired..."? They probably are, or will be.

Bridging the Gap: Making Inactive Patients Active Again
February, 2011
How many bridges have you burned today... this week... this month... this year... this decade? Many more than you probably are aware of. Allowing a patient to become inactive is like burning a bridge and effectively placing your patient at a point of no return.

How to Win in 2011
January, 2011
The chairman of the Federal Reserve says that unemployment is likely to stay high for years. New housing and construction are weak. There is fear of a "double-dip" recession and uncertainty about the real impact of Obamacare.

Finding Useful Research: Primer for the Knowledge-Hungry Professional
January, 2011
In this new era of evidence-based decision-making, clinicians are faced with the never-ending task of keeping abreast and updated on the latest information in order to be clinically relevant and administratively competent.

Vacation Rejuvenation
January, 2011
Vacation can be a magical time. Away from the demands of patients and staff you can recharge your batteries, visit new places and even smell the roses. But some vacations just don't seem to measure up.

Reducing Your Practice Overhead
January, 2011
Like many things in life, the proper way to manage overhead is not a rote formula and is certainly not the same for every doctor. There are many things to consider, including your practice goals, income goals, how much time you want to spend in the practice and what services you'd like it to deliver.

The Wellness Revolution Has Arrived: Are You Ready?
January, 2011
There is a wave of wellness awareness sweeping across America today as people lay claim to their own health and well-being. Gone are the days when patients humbly went to a doctor and trusted that their physician had all of the answers.

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