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The Office Design Opportunity
March, 2010
Call it the "Pullman car" phenomenon. Tight, long hallways. Doors to the left and right. Decor that hasn't been updated in years. Other then a cramped waiting room, the classic railroad car is a pretty apt description of far too many chiropractic offices.

Products and Services That Can Successfully Enhance Your Practice
March, 2010
In an effort to help you enhance your practice and increase your bottom line, DC PracticeINSIGHTS asks practicing doctors of chiropractic like you for ideas and solutions that have been tested in real-world environments.

Working With Distributors: Service, Not Price, Comes First
March, 2010
There are a number of companies that sell supplies to doctors of chiropractic, but most DCs order supplies and equipment from only a small handful of distributors. More than 70 percent of the profession is aware of each of these companies.

Nearly Half of DCs Report Negative Experiences With Billing Services
March, 2010
Our recent Dynamic Chiropractic PracticeINSIGHTS poll asked: "What is your experience with billing services?" While almost one-third of respondents (30 percent) had no opinion either way, almost half of clinicians who took the time to respond had either a negative or a very negative opinion (48 percent), and felt that billing services just couldn't adapt to what their specific office needed.

5 Great Ways to Build a Successful Relationship With a PI Attorney
March, 2010
Personal-injury (PI) cases are neither easy nor are they usually resolved quickly. Winning takes patience, teamwork and a great deal of trust. Here are a few easy ways to build that trust right at the beginning of your relationship with a PI attorney.

Nutritional Supplements: No Two Patients Are Alike
March, 2010
We all know how terrific vitamin D, fish oil or other nutritional supplements can be for our patients. Many clinicians are encouraged to suggest supplements to every patient as a matter of course. While this may be lucrative for your practice, the truth is that every patient has their own unique nutritional needs.

5 Ways To Get Paid On Time, Every Time
February, 2010

Regardless of what chiropractic technique you use, how small or large your practice, where you are located, or even how long you have been in practice, there is one common element that can literally make or break your financial well-being, and it affects us all. It is, simply, getting paid for what you do.

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