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Electrotherapy: A Bright Idea For Your Practice
September, 2010
This month, Dynamic Chiropractic PracticeINSIGHTS looks at electrotherapy and went to Jennifer Rohl of Mettler Electronics, located in Anaheim, Calif., and John Hubacher with Pantheon Research to find out how DCs can light up their practice with electrotherapy.

Volunteerism's Rewards
August, 2010
You, as a chiropractor, are blessed with divine hands. Your town, community and the world at large need your loving service. When you think of volunteering, your ultimate goal should be to benefit others.

Brown Rice Cuts Diabetes Risk For Your Patients
August, 2010
One easy way to help your patients be more healthy and cut their risk for diabetes is to suggest that they ask for brown rice instead of white rice the next time they order take-out from their favorite Chinese restaurant.

Selecting Topicals: Let Your Patient Be Your Guide
August, 2010
As previous articles in this series have shown, there can be a multitude of factors to consider when selecting equipment and supplies for your chiropractic office. Cost, company reputation and ease of use for the DC can all be factors.

Marketshare and Mindshare Marketing
August, 2010
In order to maximize your potential, you must take a Marketshare and a Mindshare approach to your marketing. One of the most-watched ratios in the business world is the Marketshare held by a company. In business publications, you will often see references to the Marketshare achieved as a method of evaluating the success of the company or brand.

Thoroughly Treating Whiplash Symptoms for Maximum Patient Care
August, 2010
You have seen many patients who complain about neck pain following a car accident, and usually treat them for whiplash. While they may be suffering from whiplash, patients could also be dealing with symptoms other than neck pain.

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