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Prepare for Your Future With the Best Software
June, 2010
You may well think that you don't need to invest in a new office software package. Up until now, you've managed just fine with your old system and good old pen-and-paper notes for charting. The truth, however, is that it may be time for you to bring your office into the 21st century.

Taking the Time to Calm Your Patients' Fears
June, 2010
In this issue we asked: "When faced with an apprehensive patient, what steps do you take to educate them, calm their fears and help them to appreciate the importance of chiropractic for their overall health?" The following is important insight and varied methods we found most useful in answering this question.

What You Tell Us About Vibration Equipment and Your Practice
June, 2010
Vibration equipment is a relatively new option for doctors of chiropractic to add to their clinic. While many DCs have a poor understanding of vibration therapy, proponents say that this equipment fits nicely into modern practices and can be very good source of referrals.

Exercise Your Options In Outfitting Your Office For Rehab Care
June, 2010
I think most doctors want to offer corrective, rehab exercise therapy in their practices. They just don't know what equipment is necessary or how to implement it. Once you have taken your patients through manipulation and mobilization, there are additional levels of health and fitness to take them through with exercise therapy.

How to Network Effectively With MDs, Part 1
June, 2010
The Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Kiwanis, YMCA and other commonly used networking organizations have already been bombarded by your predecessors for business. So where do you turn for networking?

Head to Head: Traction Vs. Flexion/Distraction
June, 2010
Traction therapy as a primary treatment for herniated discs is well known in physical therapy and chiropractic. Motorized flexion/distraction tables are multi-purpose, adjustable treatment tables designed to apply traction and distraction forces to spinal structures with continuous passive motion.

The Art of Patient Motivation
May, 2010
You spend countless hours in school learning the art of chiropractic. You take classes in technique, diagnosis, application and philosophy. Every aspect of chiropractic skill is taught so when you have a patient under your care, they have the greatest chance of getting well.

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