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Supplements Vs Herbs
July, 2010
In clinical practice, chiropractors deliver various procedures for a desired effect, such as manipulating a joint, doing myofascial work, and using stabilization exercises to improve function and reduce pain in a desired segment of the spine.

Caring Between Care
July, 2010
One harsh reality of growing your practice is that people don't know how much you know until they know how much you care.

Decompression Equipment: Good For the Patient Is Good For You
July, 2010
You've probably seen those ads for decompression equipment. The ones that promise you will double your income with very little effort on your part. Perhaps those ads have tempted you to consider adding decompression equipment to your practice.

Creating In-House Videos
July, 2010
Video education has the potential to assist patients to make intellectual decisions about future chiropractic care for themselves and their family members. Your personalized video may help your patients better define your version of chiropractic to ailing relatives and friends.

Addressing Poor Sleep Posture
July, 2010
In this issue we asked: "Considering that most people spend a third of their lives in bed, what recommendations do you make to address issues related to poor sleep posture/positioning and their effect on your patients?"

Networking With MDs, Part 2: Creating the Cycle of Credibility
July, 2010
A 67-year-old female, with a chief complaint of right knee pain, was seen in my office. There was no history of trauma or injury. Her symptoms had persisted for several months, and her condition was worsening.

Selling Your Practice
June, 2010
Having sold a practice and bought another practice, I have 10 years to look back upon both transactions, learning immensely from the experience and from pitfalls and positives of each of them.

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