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The Heart Rate Variability Test: A Valuable Chiropractic Tool
May, 2012
When most chiropractors think of the word "heart" in diagnostic terms, they usually think of trying to read the squiggled lines that appear on the graph paper of an EKG.

Bringing In New Business: How Your Peers Do It
May, 2012
To help you enhance your practice and increase your bottom line, we ask practicing doctors of chiropractic, like you, for ideas and solutions that have been tested in real-world environments. In this issue, we asked: "What was the most effective thing you did in 2011 to get new patients?" Based on your responses, three main strategies seemed to rise to the top.

Subluxation, Inflammation and Supplementation
May, 2012
If you think using the word supplementation in the same sentence as subluxation is evil or contrary to what B.J. or Clarence might have taught, then you really need this article.

Why Your Content is Still King
May, 2012
In this crazy technological enriched world, where countless amounts of data are available at our fingertips, would it surprise you to know that online content has a very short shelf-life?

Healthy Weight Loss Using the Paleo Diet and Chiropractic
April, 2012
As treating doctors, we need a strategy to deal with two of the major health problems of our time: obesity and diabetes. It will be critical for chiropractors to integrate their artistic dimension into the perspectives of food science, diet, nutrition, exercise, sustainability and philosophy.

The Structural Care Model vs. The Biochemical Care Model
April, 2012
In attempting to try and categorize the different methods of chiropractic practice, certainly one of the major differentiating factors would be those practicing in a structural (or musculoskeletal) care model and those using more of a biochemical care model.

Proper Seating Isn't Just Good Posture, It's Good Health, Too
April, 2012
The body can easily withstand bending, lifting and otherwise physical actions well enough to not be the major causes of subluxations. On the other hand, simple things like sitting wrong, wearing improper shoes and sleeping incorrectly can cause untold damage to structural integrity.

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