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A Chiropractic SWOT Analysis: Part One of Two
January, 2012
A SWOT analysis is a useful tool for auditing organizations and the environment they exist in. It is an important stage in developing a plan for the future and helps the participants focus on key issues.

Don't Panic: You Can Navigate the River of (Insurance) Denial
January, 2012
It has happened to all of us at one time or another. We have received that letter or C9 over the fax or in the mail stating that our proposed treatment is denied.

Getting Started with Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling
January, 2012
Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling is the most powerful clinical tool for the treatment of soft tissue subluxation. The soft tissue subluxation (STS) is to be differentiated from the synovial joint-based subluxation treated by the chiropractic adjustment.

Succeed Anywhere by Becoming Part of the Community Fabric
January, 2012
Success is hard to define and to measure. If you are using the typical measuring tool of success as money, then I'm not one of the most successful doctors in our profession. Money is only a yardstick of service provided.

Peer Talk: Impactful New Services, Products and Protocols
January, 2012
To help you enhance your practice and increase your bottom line, we ask practicing doctors of chiropractic, like you, for ideas and solutions that have been tested in real-world environments.

Thriving in the Face of Uncertainty
December, 2011
It's nearly the end of 2011, but in many ways if feels like 2008 all over again. The economy is rocky, unemployment figures are frighteningly high, belt-tightening has been elevated to an elite sport, and politicians continue their partisan bickering and grandstanding.

Strategic Directions: Practicing in the Age of Health Care Reform
December, 2011
Chiropractors should be pleased to learn that President Obama agrees with our desire to promote wellness rather than disease management or sick care. The President's Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed in 2010, created the National Prevention Council and calls for the development of The National Prevention Strategy to realize the benefits of prevention for all Americans' health. The National Prevention Strategy is critical to the preventative focus of the Affordable Care Act and builds upon the law's efforts to lower health care costs, improve the quality of care, and provide coverage options for the uninsured.

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