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Educating Patients: How Your Peers Do It
August, 2011
To help you enhance your practice and increase your bottom line, we ask practicing DCs like you for ideas and solutions that have been tested in real-world environments. In this issue, we asked: "Educating new patients: what works?"

Going the Extra Mile: Communicating With Patients Outside the Office
August, 2011
Communication is critical in any relationship; that includes the relationship between doctor and patient.

Shaking Up Your Profit Centers
July, 2011
Vibration exercise has become increasingly popular among chiropractors. Doctors are becoming more educated and understand the differences in quality among the various vibration platform manufacturers out there.

Show Your Heart and "Own" the Town
July, 2011
Have you ever wished you had a monopoly on chiropractic? There's only one person in history who even came close. One day, Dr. Palmer noticed one of his patients watching him adjust through a mirror in the room.

Use "Back-End" Products to Bring Your Practice Front and Center
July, 2011
Doctors, don't you hate it when you have that perfect patient who has been coming to see you for care, is achieving amazing results, and then "randomly" falls off the planet? This is one of the most consistent struggles in practice-retention!

The Rehabilitation Benefits of Suspension Training
July, 2011
Motion is at the core of our development and remains an essential part of our well-being throughout life.

Seven Leadership Habits
July, 2011
How would you like to harness the power of Google to improve your leadership abilities and the performance of your practice team? A little known project recently completed by Google could provide you with some helpful insights.

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