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Build Your Practice by Becoming a Community Difference Maker
June, 2013
Like most chiropractors, I have felt the need to both grow my practice and educate my patients.

Weathering the Storm: 10 Practice Disasters and How to Avoid Them
June, 2013
It's tough enough to run a successful practice, so don't set yourself up for failure by doing one of these practice catastrophes. Chiropractors graduate from professional schools, not business schools.

The High-Tech, High-Touch Revolution Has Arrived
June, 2013
One of the positive outcomes of an economic slowdown is the innovation that can come out of it. A select few chiropractic industry leaders are responding to the social media focused marketing trend by creating products and services that mainstream chiropractic into our high-tech, smartphone, connectivity-dependent society.

A One Month Guide to Marketing Your Practice
June, 2013
As a chiropractor and small business owner, you often do not have the time or resources to devote to marketing. What you need are effective and efficient methods to market your practice in just a few hours or less week. A successful chiropractic marketing strategy can easily be started in just one month by breaking up the plan into small chunks of time.

Are Your Practice Protocols Up to Date?
May, 2013
Are you continuously updating your capabilities in an effort to provide medically necessary treatment and rehabilitation services? If you want to get paid, it would be very wise to do so NOW.

The Next Best Thing to Spine Adjusting...Extremity Adjusting
May, 2013
It was in my first quarter in chiropractic college (October 1973) when I realized that if I was to treat the whole person, like the school said, I would be doing by treating the spine.

The Paleo Diet: Introducing It to Your Patients
May, 2013
Many of my patient's continue to refer to the Paleo Diet it as the "caveman diet," but I prefer the "ancestral diet." The Paleo diet is pretty simple: eat meat, vegetables and seasonal fruit.

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