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Backlinks: The Relevant Way to Rank Your Practice Online
September, 2013
Every time Google makes another change to its search results ranking algorithm, it can affect your hard-earned time spent ranking your practice. Fortunately, there is a way to backlink to your website to maintain those all-important rankings.

Adding Patient Financing to Your Financial Toolkit
August, 2013
In 2013, patient out-of-pocket health care expenditures are projected to increase 3.4% over the previous year. Experts attribute the gain to increased consumption of medical care driven by faster growth in disposable personal income.

Microcurrent Technology: Latest Trend for Improving Patient Wellness
August, 2013
For the growing number of chiropractors who combine a traditional practice with medical spa treatments – nutraceutical therapy, massage, injections, chemical peels – and are looking to expand their client base, one noninvasive, anti-aging innovation is gaining popularity among patients seeking safer, evidence-based care that fosters greater wellness and overall self-esteem.

SCENAR: Therapy for Musculoskeletal Pain
August, 2013
I work every day with chronic pain clients and I am often not satisfied with the results. I search for educated answers and I look for innovative therapy for clients to improve there problems.

Understanding Hypothyroidism: The Gut Link
August, 2013

In part one of these articles we discovered the magnitude of hypothyroidism and the role it commonly plays in our patients. We also explored the necessity for a comprehensive workup and the optimal laboratory values for healthy thyroid function.

Strategies for Natural Joint Health
August, 2013
With the barrage of supplements available today, choosing a safe and effective product to address joint health issues can be anything but straight forward for consumers and health practitioners alike.

Creating an Efficient Front Desk
August, 2013
Your front desk is the first and last thing that every patient experiences every time they interact with your practice. This position is likely the lowest paid position in your office.

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