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Lease Renewal Do's & Don'ts for Chiropractors
August, 2014
When speaking to the chiropractic graduating class at Parker University and at Parker Seminars in Las Vegas, our sessions included a number of key Do's & Don'ts for negotiating commercial leases and renewals.

Evaluating Your Financial Planner: Making Your Money Work for You
August, 2014
As one that focuses on finding lost or leaking money for chiropractors, I constantly encounter doctors who think that because they already have a financial planner they're all set with their finances.

A New Client Base: Caring for Middle and High School Athletes
August, 2014
Sarah came into my office at the age of 15 with bilateral ankle, right knee and bilateral apophyseal pains that prohibited her from participating on the crew team for the past 18 months. She was under the care of her pediatrician, orthopedist and physical therapist.

Is Your Practice at Risk?
August, 2014
Operating a practice is such a lucrative decision. It is wonderful to be your own boss, yet most importantly, treat individuals who you desire to cure. Unfortunately, since you have decided to operate your own practice, there comes a myriad of responsibilities.

Why You Should Position Yourself as a Nutrition Expert
August, 2014
If you are reading this, it is likely you are passionate about relieving human suffering and pain while increasing health and vitality. It is a privilege and honor to work with the patients who come to you for help.

Knowledge is Power: Boosting Patient Confidence Through Research
July, 2014
There is an interesting juxtaposition from the quote developed by English philosopher Francis Bacon in the 1600's, "knowledge is power." While the quote is very true, the paradox exists because of the plethora of Internet information.

Working with the Emotional Aspects of Physical Pain
July, 2014
Now, I want to explore ways in which the emotional aspects of pain can be exposed and explored to reduce a patient's physical symptoms using EFT.

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