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Top 10 Practice Trends for 2015
February, 2015
We have all experienced a multitude of changes to the chiropractic industry, particularly in recent years. Such controversial topics include but are not limited to integrated practices, insurance premiums and of course, the Affordable Care Act.

Why Don't More Patients See DCs? What Your Peers Think
February, 2015
To help you enhance your practice and increase your bottom line, we ask practicing doctors of chiropractic like you for ideas and solutions that have been tested in real-world environments.

Concerned About Medicare Billing? Let Pain and Subluxation Set You Free
February, 2015
The title of this article may seem odd at first, second and even further glances. It will make more sense if you can separate yourself from whatever emotion you may have regarding the topics of pain and subluxation.

Lean Startup for Chiropractors: Fundamental Principles to Follow
February, 2015
What does a technology process born out of Silicon Valley have to do with your chiropractic practice? More than you can imagine. Whether you're a new practice looking to grow or an established practice, there's a lot you can learn from the lean startup.

Social Media Madness: How Your "Friends" Can "Like" You to Death
February, 2015
Everyone seems to be trying to get a handle on the whole "social media thing," but the reality is it isn't some great mystery, magic bullet or the "be all, end all" to your marketing.

Face Off: Lasers
January, 2015
Operating a successful practice is dependent upon making the right decisions, but it can be a challenge to make the best decisions without adequate information.

Learn How to Keep Your Practice From Hurting You (Part 2)
January, 2015
Before I enrolled in chiropractic school, I wondered if I was physically capable of being effective at manually adjusting patients in a diversified practice.

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