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Why Your Reputation Matters Now More Than Ever
July, 2013
We are finishing up the second quarter of 2013. How are your new marketing plans going? Hopefully, you have added an online referral and review program.

The Ultimate Marketing Plan: Get to Know Your Patients
July, 2013
Marketing is not about getting patients into your practice. Not real marketing anyway. Just getting someone into the doors of your practice is easy, just offer something and use the word "free."

Understanding the Complexity of Hypothyroidism, Part 1
July, 2013
One of the most common complaints you as a doctor of chiropractic face on a daily basis is that of chronic fatigue. The only complaint you will hear more often is that of chronic pain.

Detoxification: Exploring a New 21st Century Model
July, 2013
The word "detoxification" is a natural health term in the public domain that specifies the body's innate process of removing or altering metabolic wastes and acquired toxins so that the body can perform its life processes unencumbered by detrimental elements and disruptive molecules.

The Changing Landscape Within Chiropractic and Personal Injury
July, 2013
Chiropractic represents less than 5% of the total healthcare arena, yet today, we treat more personal injury patients than any other specialty. Although this is a milestone of achievement worthy of celebration, it also puts us squarely in the spotlight at a time of runaway medical expenses, largely from fraudulent and inflated claims.

Harvest Your Cash Crop
June, 2013
The decision to make the transition from an insurance-based practice to a cash practice is not the subject of this article. But, it is about harvesting more cash from your practice orchard.

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