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Successfully Negotiate a Mid-Term Rent Reduction in Your Lease
September, 2014
We frequently meet a number of struggling chiropractors leasing commercial space. These chiropractic tenants desperately need a rent reduction ... right now.

What You Need to Know About the Class III Laser
September, 2014
Therapeutic lasers are used for three primary indications: eliminating pain, reducing inflammation and accelerating tissue healing. There are different types of light forces such as LED's, low powered lasers and high powered lasers or "super-pulsed" lasers.

Learn How to Keep Your Practice from Hurting You
September, 2014
Injury rates among doctors of chiropractic are at an alarming 40% within the first five years of practice, causing lost revenue from missed days of work and, in many cases, causing chiropractors to modify their techniques to accommodate their injuries or forcing some into early retirement.

Standing Out from the Crowd: Specialties that Have Traction Now
August, 2014
Why should you develop a "Specialty" practice? Because insurance companies are making the practice of chiropractic extremely complicated and stressful.

Choosing the Right Technology to Maximize Efficiency
August, 2014
Modern chiropractors operate in a fast-paced, ever-changing world. With recent regulation changes, insurance complexities and business requirements, the precious time and attention of doctors seems to be stretched thinner than perhaps ever before.

Lease Renewal Do's & Don'ts for Chiropractors
August, 2014
When speaking to the chiropractic graduating class at Parker University and at Parker Seminars in Las Vegas, our sessions included a number of key Do's & Don'ts for negotiating commercial leases and renewals.

Evaluating Your Financial Planner: Making Your Money Work for You
August, 2014
As one that focuses on finding lost or leaking money for chiropractors, I constantly encounter doctors who think that because they already have a financial planner they're all set with their finances.

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