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Market Player or Investor? The Differences are Real
November, 2014
While anyone would love to have a sure thing, unfortunately it is not likely. There is a risk associated with purchasing any financial product. The risk is known as standard deviation. The general rule of thumb is the more risk taken, the greater the financial gain or loss.

When Practices Fail: Warning Signs and Solutions
November, 2014
Dr. "A" graduates from chiropractic college at the top of their class with clinical awards and having blown the board exams out of the water. They were voted "Most Likely to Succeed," and it appears they have everything going their way.

Three Proven Steps to Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy
November, 2014
You need a plan for your social media. Maybe you aren't getting the results you like with what you are currently doing or you want to get started but you have no idea what to do.

Be the Doctor of the Future Today
November, 2014
When I began my practice 35 years ago, health food stores were small, few and far between. There weren't even too many health books being published. People relied on chiropractors as one of their only sources of natural health information.

Understanding Gluten Sensitivity: Fantasy, Fad, Fiction or Fact?
November, 2014
Brain fog, depression, fatigue, headaches, migraines, anxiety and muscle pain are common complaints you see in your chiropractic office every day, but did you know they may have the same underlying cause?

Unlocking the Puzzle: Flummoxed by Financial Title Hyperbole? You Are Not Alone
October, 2014
The litany of financial designations may seem overwhelming and never ending, but what does it all mean? Financial advisor, planner, advocate, pundit, guru and more seem to be in print, social media outlets, television and radio.

Why Your 401k is Your Riskiest Investment
October, 2014
You don't think you're playing with your money when it's in a 401(k), but your 401(k) money may definitely be toying with you. In fact, that supposedly dependable 401(k) is not your best choice for retirement. Not by a long shot.

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