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Socializing in Your Slippers: Building a Virtual Community
June, 2014
When I graduated college, I had grandiose dreams of becoming an amazing acupuncturist. I wanted to build a great practice and make a good living. For four years, 13 semesters to be exact, I had a spreadsheet.

A Popular Approach to Tendinopathy and Fascial Dysfunction
June, 2014
Radial Pulse Therapy also known as Radial Shockwave Therapy has and is gaining popularity for the adjunct treatment of superficial orthopedic conditions especially myofascial conditions and tendinopathy.

Is A Cash Only Practice a Good Fit?
June, 2014
Frustration with health insurers — specifically the reimbursement process and appealing claim denials — has led many chiropractors to consider transitioning their practices from insurance-based to cash only.

How One Symbol Can Help You Get More Patients: The Art of the #Hashtag
May, 2014
Are you looking for ways to connect with your patients online? Or do you just want to know how to keep them engaged (comments, retweeting, liking, and sharing)? Then, you will want to know more about these two symbols, # and @.

Exercise and Diet: New Technology for Patient Success
May, 2014
I have spent more than half of my life as a chiropractor and as I have aged, so has my patient population.

Healthy Bacteria: Understanding This Foundational Food
May, 2014
It's been called "Foundational Food" and is certainly regarded as a critical nutrient. Probiotics are not a luxury; in fact, they are a very essential nutrient that the human body requires for proper function.

Avoiding Financial Sinkholes to Achieve Quintessential Wealth
May, 2014
There is wealth and then there is quintessential wealth. Wealth can be impartially measured. How much do you earn annually? How much money have you set aside in investments or savings accounts?

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