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A Chiropractor's Guide to Video Testimonials: 6 Easy Steps
November, 2013
It's no surprise that video is a rapidly growing medium on the Internet. Part of that expansion of video is product/service reviews and video testimonials.

Buying or Selling a Practice: Plan Ahead or Roll the Dice
November, 2013
The purchase or sale of a practice may rank as one of the most difficult decisions someone will endure and face. But does it have to be difficult, stressful and emotional?

Marketing with a Purpose: Building Your Authority and Credibility
October, 2013
We know reputation marketing is a big focus for every practitioner. I have provided some tools to assist in building your reputation.

Helping Patients Sleep Well
October, 2013
Mattresses used to be made primarily of cotton padding and springs. But after 1950 and the invention of plastics and foams, the modern mattress has gone through many evolutions.

The Art of Communicating with Your Patients: Get Rid of Your Ego
October, 2013
I have been in practice since 1994. Until 2007, I had great pride in the fact that I didn't have a high volume practice. I didn't want one. In fact, I judged those that did as being lesser doctors; not as engaged, only caring about money, not really listening.

Effective Business Building Strategy
October, 2013
As Tom Necela, DC so clearly stated in the June 1, 2013, issue of Dynamic Chiropractic ("Business Building: What's Your Strategy?"), the old revenue models in practice just aren't working like they used to.

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