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DSHEA and Your Practice
October, 2013
The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) was enacted by Congress in 1994 in order to ensure quality and safety of dietary supplements in the marketplace.

Preventing Practice Passion Burnout
September, 2013
The pace of change affecting the chiropractic industry has accelerated dramatically. No health care provider has been left free of the implications.

Are Unseen Leaks Draining Your Personal Wealth?
September, 2013
Do you own your own pool? Every chiropractor I know does. I'm not talking about the type of recreational basin you fill with chlorinated water.

Radiation: Protect Yourself and Your Patients with Nutrition
September, 2013
Following the March 2011 earthquake and nuclear reactor disaster in Fukushima, Japan, Americans purchased the entire supply of potassium iodine / iodide in one day.

Improve Patient Care and Grow Your Practice: Address the Short Leg
September, 2013
What if you could genuinely help improve existing and new patient outcomes while dramatically increasing compliance; yet add no extra hard costs to your practice and only 10 additional minutes to a typical treatment plan?

What Differentiates Us? Educate Patients About System Support
September, 2013
What differentiates us from other health care professionals or traditional Western medicine? This is the question you must answer Doing so will help you not only be able to describe what you do, or craft your "elevator speech"; it will also be the foundation for the management of your practice and your patient care.

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