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Harvest Your Cash Crop
June, 2013
The decision to make the transition from an insurance-based practice to a cash practice is not the subject of this article. But, it is about harvesting more cash from your practice orchard.

Reducing Muscle Hypertonicity with a Deep Muscle Simulator
June, 2013
The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) has popularized our awareness of checking for asymmetries in the body during movement.

Countdown to ICD-10: Is Your Practice Ready?
June, 2013
By now, you have heard about the looming switch to ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes. The date established by CMS for converting to the new codes is October 1, 2014.

Build Your Practice by Becoming a Community Difference Maker
June, 2013
Like most chiropractors, I have felt the need to both grow my practice and educate my patients.

Weathering the Storm: 10 Practice Disasters and How to Avoid Them
June, 2013
It's tough enough to run a successful practice, so don't set yourself up for failure by doing one of these practice catastrophes. Chiropractors graduate from professional schools, not business schools.

The High-Tech, High-Touch Revolution Has Arrived
June, 2013
One of the positive outcomes of an economic slowdown is the innovation that can come out of it. A select few chiropractic industry leaders are responding to the social media focused marketing trend by creating products and services that mainstream chiropractic into our high-tech, smartphone, connectivity-dependent society.

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